The Gifting Social Network
Struggling with what to buy as a gift? Just send money with Givta and let them decide where and how they spend it.
How it works
Use the power of your social network connections to tell your friends what you would really like, no more socks unless you really want them. Friends can follow your campaign, give you money to reach your goal and post supporting messages and videos.
Giving Together
After adding funds to your Givta Wallet, you'll be able to give to any of your Givta friends instantly. Any gifting event now becomes a collaborative effort where received gifts will accumulate ready for spending.
Flexible Gifts
With a gift starting from as little as one pound, gifting on Givta is entirely affordable for all. The amount and time you give is therefore entirely your choosing making for the most flexible gifting experience.
Your Choice
Choose to buy gift cards using your accumulated gifts with any of Givta's partnered merchants. Givta partnerships are designed to give you access to almost any product imaginable.
Givta Features
There are many clever tools and widgets built into the Givta website to help you with all your gifting. This will make it easier than ever before to gift your friends online and new tools are constantly being dreamed up. Here are just a few things that you'll be able to do:
Reach Targets
As gifts from friends can be combined together for one purchase, you can set a larger goal for that dream item that wouldn't have been possible before. Likewise your friends will be able to let you know their gifting goals they wish to reach so you can decide how best to help them.
Event Reminders
With so many gifting events throughout the year, it's hard to keep track. Givta's event reminders will help you plan ahead and make sure no one is forgotten. Gifting events aren't always birthdays so Givta will also remind you of the many national holidays that may be coming up.
Share Memories
Use Givta to record and share memories of all your gifting events. Take pictures of your day, record a thank you video or send friends audio clips of your celebrations. Never again forget to say thank you by using Givta's unique social network integrations.
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