Givta Help
How can we help you?
We have put together the following frequently asked questions to help you with your Givta experience but should there be anything you still need help with then send us an email and we'll get you back up and running.
Givta Basics
Why should I use Givta?
The Givta website enables you to gift your friends digitally and socially in a way that lets them to take control of what they receive. Look at our about page for more details.
Does it cost to use Givta?
No, Givta does not charge its users to sign up and interact over the platform.
How do I sign up?
It's simple, just go on over to the sign up page and enter your details, you will then receive an email to confirm your address. Click the link in the email and you'll be able to sign into Givta and use all the great gifting facilities.
How old do I have to be to use Givta?
You have to be at least thirteen years old to join Givta.
How do I find my friends?
You can use the friends page to either search for a friend already using the website or send an invite to a friend that hasn't yet signed up.
What is my Cash Account / Gift Account?
Your Givta wallet is in two parts; the Cash Account and Gift Account. The Cash Account is what you can deposit money in to gift or purchase another product on the website. The Gift Account contains any gifted money sent to you by friends.
Who can I contact / gift using Givta?
You can only send messages to your linked friends via Givta but you are able to send a gift to anyone and they will be asked to join if not already a user.
Do you have a Android / iOS app?
The Givta website is designed to work responsively on any device (mobile, laptop, desktop, television etc.) that has a browser, meaning that we do not require a specific app for mobile devices. By navigating to Givta's website you will see appropriate page content for that particular device.
What should I do if Givta isn't displaying correctly on my mobile?
If you're using your devices native browser maybe try looking at the site on a different browsing application (perhaps Chrome). If the problem is still happening, drop us a message from the contact page and we'll help you out.
My Account
How can I change my profile details?
You can change almost all your details in the settings page (apart from your birth date and username)
I've forgotten my Username / Password
No problem, if you've forgotten your password you can use the password reset page to send an email containing a password reset link. Your username however will just be the email address you signed up to Givta with, nice and simple.
Payments / Purchases
What do I have to pay for?
You have to pay for any physical products you buy via the Givta platform (vouchers) or any gifts you send to your friends.
How do I put money into my Cash Account?
You can add money to your Cash Account by clicking the safe icon on the Dashboard or Wallet Activity page. This will take you to a checkout that will enable you to put any amount of money into the account for future activity.
How long does it take to put money into my Cash Account?
Depending on your bank and when you add the funds it can take up to three working days to clear into your Cash Account but you'll still be able to gift the funds immediately. However any uncleared gifted funds won't be spendable until it they have cleared.
Does it cost me to Gift money to a friend?
No, whatever amount you choose to give to your friend is exactly what is taken from your Cash Account, no more, no less.
What's the smallest amount I can give a friend?
There is a £1 gift minimum that you can give to a friend.
Can I gift money to a friend outside of the UK?
At the moment unfortunately no, you can only gift money to Givta users based in the UK. We are working really hard to expand into other countries and should you have any recommendations please drop us a message via the contact page.
How much do I pay Givta to buy a voucher with my accumulated funds?
We do not charge you extra to buy vouchers with your Givta Wallet funds, therefore you only pay the face value of the corresponding voucher.
What else can I buy with my gift account money?
At the moment only Merchant Vouchers are available but over time we will start to enable physical products to be bought on the website (greetings cards, badges etc).
Can I give someone money that has been gifted to me?
You can only give friends money from your Cash Account which means that your Gift account must be used to spend on Givta products.
Do you give my data to Third Party Companies?
We only use your data to benefit your experience on the website, for more information please look at our privacy policy and terms of service.
Who can see my comments?
Only the people you choose to see your comments will and as a default this will be your listed friends.
General Questions
When are you coming to my country?
We plan to expand as quickly as possible but please drop us an email and let us know where you want us to launch next.